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Monday, October 15, 2012

You Know What Drives Me Nuts?

You know what drives me nuts?  People in Horror Movies that walk around without a weapon.

I recently watched a bad Vampire movie. Against the Dark, on Netflix.  This isn't uncommon for me, I love watching cheesy horror movies, the cheesier the better.  In this movie a group of people are trapped in a Hospital, trying to get out.  They get attacked by vampires and separated into small groups.

Half of the movie is watching these people wander darkened hallways alone, bare handed, just waiting to get chomped on.  I understand that the reason directors typically have their people alone and empty handed is to increase the suspense, kind of like when the scantily clad woman is getting ready to open that door...  You see them as helpless, vulnerable, and that makes the peril seem all the more intense.

I understand the director's purpose, but on a personal level it drives me nuts because it goes against any sort of preservation instinct we have.  Especially in a situation where "if it bites you, you're dead" (ie, zombies, vampires), wouldn't you want SOMETHING to try to get between those teeth and your flesh?  Even if it's just a broomstick, it would be better than nothing.  Poke it in the eye and run like hell.

(Or you could shoot it, that's  even better)

If you don't have anything, when one comes after you, how will you defend yourself?  With your hands?  Your tasty, crunchy, oh-so-delicious and delicate hands?  Seems pretty stupid.  That's how I see unarmed people in these movies, dumb and just waiting to get eaten.  When one gets attacked it's like, "Yeah!  Eat the stupid people!  They don't deserve to survive!"

How hard is it to put on a jacket, some gloves, and grab a tire iron?  But maybe that's too realistic for Hollywood B-Movies.  Of course, then I wouldn't have anything to complain about.

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