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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gear Review: CRKT knives

I have to say, I love CRKT (Colorado River Knives and Tools) knives.  I've bought quite a few knives over the years and universally I've found that CRKT knives are sharp, they're efficient, and they do the job as advertised, no questions asked.  I've never had a problem with them (other than having the shell out the retail price).

A couple years ago I was in Japan, at an Airforce base, where these knives were easily purchased at the exchange in the 'tactical' section.  Over my time there I bought several CRKT knives (I'm a bit of a knife fanatic).  I picked up a "Mt. Rainier" for $50.  I was hesitant to get the "Mt. Rainier", despite it's awesome looks, as it was $50+ dollars and I hate putting that much money down on a knife before I check it out.  Thankfully, I had the money and decided to go for it based on how much I liked the brand.

Out of the many, many, practical knives that I've owned, this is my absolute favorite.  It's so well engineered that it doesn't need a spring assist, it pops open with barely a flick of the thumb.  It's sharp, it opens easily, it's heavy duty, it's perfect for anything that needs a knife.  Once open there is no wiggle in the blade, it's solid.  Once locked it's as good as a sheath knife.

Put simply, this is my go-to knife for any circumstance.  I love it.  If someone said I had to choose one knife for any scenario, this would be it.  If they were available here I would buy a second, just to have a back up.  Can't say enough good things about it.

It has a dual safety system, you can see the knob just below the joint of the blade and the handle in this pic.  You can flick open the blade with almost no effort, but closing it on your fingers takes real effort.  There's the internal safety and the knob safety system.  You have to move the knob before you can close the knife.  Easy to open, hard to hurt yourself, it's a nice combination.

The blade is half serrated, half razor blade.  The blade is the only part I've ever needed to use, though having a serrated edge is never a bad thing (think cutting a seat belt in an emergency).  I've never had to sharpen it, it was good enough to shave with out of the box and is still sharp enough to shave today, almost two years of use later.

These blades are awesome.  For the price, you could buy a 'fancy' Gerber, but take it from me, the quality of a CRKT knife is way, way better than Gerber.  I've bought Gerbers for around the same price that couldn't cut paper out of the box.  CRKT comes with an edge, holds an edge, and it works.  You could pay 50$ for a paper weight, or you could pay 50$ for a really nice knife.

Hands down, no argument, I would take CRKT over any other comparatively priced knife, whatever brand.   I would even take a CRKT folding knife over most available sheath knives.  There are a dozen different varieties of CRKT knives, every one I've tried has been awesome.

I had one folder, small, money clip style, CRKT that cut two (powered) 20 gauge copper wires in one slice.  The resulting electrical arc was enough to blind anyone within 10 feet and arc-weld the blade, but even afterwards it was still sharp enough to use.  I still have that knife, if I can find the pics of the arc welded blade than I will post them.

I love these knives, can't say enough good things about them.  If you can go CRKT, then there is no reason to go anywhere else in my humble opinion.  Awesome blades for the price, and enough variety to please even the pickiest knife buyer.

Seriously, check them out:

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