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Monday, October 15, 2012

Gear Review: GSI Bottle Cup

Alright, I was at Sports Authority looking for a new back pack and happened to find something cool.   I'll be putting something up about the pack (my new BOB) but this find was just too cool to wait.

This is GSI's Bottle Cup.  It's a stainless steel cup that fits the bottom of most 32oz bottles, in this case it's a standard Nalgene bottle.  Now, I have to ask you, does this remind you of something else?

 I always thought the traditional canteen/cup combo was really cool.  It's two essential items for the space of one.  If a soldier was already going to carry a canteen, which he obviously was, then they could just put a cup on the bottom and not really take up any more space.  And because it's metal it could be used over a fire for boiling water or heating up food.  How cool is that?

So when I saw the GSI cup I had to grab one.  I'd actually ordered two canteen/cup combos online a couple days earlier, now I wish I'd waited.  I already had two Nalgene bottles in my GHB, this cup is a perfect addition.  Stainless steel, inexpensive ($8.99), well constructed, light weight, and it hardly takes up any space at all.  For the space/weight conscious prepper this cup definitely deserves a look.

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