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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Libby's VS Armour... Battle of the Vienna Sausage

Ever since SPAM vs Corned Beef it's been hard to come up with a food battle as good.  Everything else seems trivial in comparison...  Until now.  Vienna Sausage, what could be more important than finding the best Vienna Sausage brand?

The battle of the Vienna Sausages!!!!

Libby's ($.99) VS Armour ($1.09).  Two popular, cheap, brands of Vienna Suasage.  Both of these can be found by the case very inexpensively.  For how cheap they are, I'd be surprised if any prepper didn't have a few cases in their closet.  But which one should you be stocking?

Can you tell the difference by looks?  I couldn't.  For both, it looked like someone had cut up some hot dog pieces and put them in a can.  Nearly identical.

Nutritional Information:
Serving size: 3 pieces, 2.5 servings per can
Calories: 130, Fat 110
Total fat: 5g, 18%
Cholesterol: 40mg, 13%
Sodium: 260mg, 11%
Total Carbs: 1g, 0%
Protien: 5g

Serving size: 3 pieces, 2.5 per can
Calories: 110, Fat 90 15%
Cholesterol: 45mg,  15%
Sodium: 490mg, 20%
Carb: 1g, 0%
Protien: 5g

Libby's had slightly more calories, Armour had slightly more sodium...  Overall, there wasn't a distinct difference when coming to values on the Nutritional Information.   Both were very, very similar.  Even the ingredients are nearly identical.

Taste test.

(Doesn't that look wonderful?  The sacrifices I make for you people...)

There was very little to distinguish the two in the raw form.  Both were similar to uncooked hotdogs, though tasted slightly more like ham.  The textures were on the softer side, they kind of fell apart once bitten.  A hotdog is far more solid, these were much more processed-meat-shaped-into-cylinders than solid food.  The Armour might have been very slightly better, slightly saltier, slightly better texture, but not by very much.

(At least they look slightly better now)

Can you tell the difference cooked?  I think the only difference in looks is because the ones on the left were put into the pan while it was still heating up, the ones on the right were put in the heated pan after the first cooked.  Other than that, there was very little difference between the two.  (Libby's left, Armour right)

In short, they taste exactly the same cooked.  I mean, exactly the same.  Just warmer.  It was actually kind of disappointing.

Yeah, I have to admit that this was a very anticlimactic battle.  I mean, they were very nearly identical.  The Armour might have had a very, very slight taste/texture advantage, but that was it.  And that might have just been my brain struggling to find a distinction.

Both were cheap, the same size, basically the same nutritional information, tastes almost exactly the same...  I'm not sure how to call this one.  Either would be a good addition to your stores and I think price would probably be the deciding factor as to which one to stock up on.

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  1. Thanks for the article (and the Span vs. CB test, too)... if "I think price would probably be the deciding factor" you should compare off-brand to name-brand - WalMart Great Value vienna sausage ($.50) to Armour, and their 'lunch meat' ($1.96) to Spam ($2.64)