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Friday, October 26, 2012

Gear Review: Cold Steel GI Tanto

This is the Cold Steel GI Tanto knife.  It's 12 inches long, plastic sheath, and runs around $30 on Amazon.  This is kind of a neat knife.  When I opened the box I wasn't particularly impressed with how it looked but after handling it for a little while it started to grow on me.

The website says the blade is 7" but they are including the non-sharpened part in that measurement.  The actual blade is 5 1/2 inches.  It's full tang, carbon steel, and surprisingly heavy.  The metal is quite thick and the overall knife weights 1.2 lbs.  How many knives weight over a pound?

When you grab it by the handle this thing almost feels like a machete, very blade heavy.  With how thick the blade is, this knife could do some heavy duty work cutting through brush or wood.

Then, because of the strange looking blade there is some flexibility in how you can hold this knife.

This is a cool feature because, when you choke up your hold then suddenly you're holding it right at the balance point of the knife.  Instead of being blade heavy, it's surprisingly comfortable in the hand.  Held like this you could do more fine knife work, whittling, or close carving, shaping.

For how big it is, this knife is surprisingly versatile.

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