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Sunday, January 20, 2013

So... I was browsing Amazon. Cold Steel War Clubs

Isn't that a great way to start a blog post?  It's almost as good as starting out a story "So, I was drinking with the guys one night..."  You just know what follows will be worth your time.

Anyway, I was bored this afternoon and decided to see what kind of hunting vests I could find on Amazon.  I'd seen one at Cabela's when I was on holiday and regretted not getting it.  I figured Amazon would have a decent selection.

They did, but they also have that "customers who looked at this also looked at..." bar.  I hate that bar.  That bar has probably led to me spend two or three times as much money on that friggin site.  I'm on a cool product, then I see three other cool products in that bar.  I check out those products, on each of those pages the bar will lead me to three other cool products.  It's exponential, which I'm sure is exactly why they have it.

So, I get off of vests and on to back packs.  Then I get off of back packs and on to swords somehow.  That's cool, I like looking at knives and swords.

Then this thing pops up:
Cold Steel Gunstock War Club ($35 dollars, Amazon)

My first thought is, of course, "holy sh*t, it's the perfect Zombie club!"

I'm a dork, I know.

There has been a long standing debate in certain zombie killing forums over what the best melee weapon would be.  Popular selections are swords or axes, bladed weapons, but those run the risk of getting stuck.  It's all too easy in the movies to lop off a zombie head without missing a beat, but the reality would be far more difficult.  Bone, ligaments, muscles, are all designed to keep body part attached, separating them isn't all that easy.  You're weapon gets stuck, you're f*cked.  For most zombie 'experts', the consensus is that a club is the best option.  It can deliver enough damage without the risk of it getting stuck on bone.  The only problem with clubs is getting tired out swinging the weight around.

This Gunstock War Club weights in at 2.2 pounds, almost three feet long, is angled like a kukri for added leverage, and has a 3 inch blade on the other side.  This design is historically proven, if you've ever seen the newer "Last of the Mohicans" you've seen this style before.  Don't believe me?  Look at nearly every club ever made, thin handle, about 3 feet long, with a weighted end.  Many also had that angle near the head too for added punch.

Pretty freakin' cool, if you ask me.  I'm not entirely sure how practical it is, maybe for home defense, or maybe as a hunting stick.  It would probably be pretty effective for hunting rabbits or birds.  And, obviously it would be bad ass against zombies.

I want one.  I really, really want one.

That and the S&W M&P 15/22 and I'll be totally set up for Z day.

Oh, and if that doesn't tickle your fancy this thing popped up on that magical bar:

Cold Steel Indian War Club ($40)

Edit 01-21-13:  And I was beaten to it again.  The guys over at Zombie Go Boom have already posted two videos on the Cold Steel Gunstock War Club.  The first the Gunstock club against zombies, the second is for general survival uses, clearing a window, throwing for hunting (I thought of throwing it for hunting rabbit or small game, I didn't think of throwing it to hit something with the blade point).



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